FootOverOrthotic_withLineBiWilletton Podiatry is comprehensively equipped to assess and manage your foot or lower limb complaint. The following is a brief list of such services:

  • Gait Analysis (Computerised)
  • Foot orthoses prescription and manufacture (Custom and Prefabricated)
  • Footwear review, recommendation and modification
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques
  • Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese and Dry needling)
  • Nail and skin conditions—ingrown toenails, corns, callouses, warts.
  • Biomechanical problems—hip, knee, leg and foot pain.
  • Inflammatory conditions—heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis.
  • Sports injuries—ankle sprains, blisters, stress fractures.
  • Diabetic foot assessment and management.
  • Arthritic foot problems.
  • Children’s foot problems.
  • Treatment of bunions, hammer toes, soft tissue and bony lumps.